Submissions from 2020

Social Media influence on E-Commerce, Muhammad Affan Khan

The Importance of UIUX in Software Development for Business Growth, Shereen Akram

The impact of RPAs, AI and Covid-19 on Digital Business transformation, Waleed Arshad

Accessibilty and Usability Evaluation of Web Design Interfaces, Areeba Hafeez

A Survey on Automated Machine Learning, Hareem Qazi

Blockchain use case in maintaining Halal Food Supply Chain Integrity, Mukarram Hussain Siddiqui

Submissions from 2019

Internet of things in education, Zain ul abdin

A Survey on relation extraction for Urdu language, Abdul Hafeez Adam

A Survey of Trends in Platform Development in the Digital World, Anus Ahmed

Deep learning applications in aerial robotics, Muhammad Fahad Akbani

A Survey of techniques for sentiment analysis using machine and deep learning approaches, Zia Ali


Pakistan's beauty dilemma, Fatima Azhar

The impact of IT governance on project delivery, Maria Fatima

Role of data mining and analytics in online learning, Kashan Hanif

Digital transformation in transportation and logistics, Muhammad Shaghil Haq


The plight of retail investors in the Pakistani stock market, Ahmed Jamil

Study of Fog Computing: Awareness, Industrial Implementation and Challenges, Zainab Javed

Database Management Sysytems for Internet of Things (IoT), Muhammad Anas Khalid


Market feasibility for air curtains, Abdul Arham Khan, Kamran Ali Shahzor, Momina Ahmed, Shahryar Varzgani, and Syed Muhammad Antiq

Human motion analysis, Aleenah Khan

Data science - a comprehensive study, Zareen Zia Khan

Predicting customer retention through usability using machine learning, Rakesh Kumar

Gesture based adoption of user interface, Shayan Mahmood


Culture and economic growth: evidence from global data, Aroob Memon

Analyzing Deepfake Detection Methods, Muhammad Ahmed Memon

Age group detection system using human-mouse interaction pattern, Zohair Abbas Merchant

Comparison and convergence of big data and cyber-physical systems in manufacturing, Arsalan Hyder Mirani

Remote Health Monitoring- Current developments based on AI and IoT and the future scope in Pakistan, Sabikah Batool Mukhi

Karachi without its makers: history of co-relation between Zoroastrians and Karachi, Syed Omer Nadeem

Practitioner- a research on image captioning, Mahrose Fatima Naqvi

Survey of performance and scalability of blockchain technologies, Mir Nawaz

Usability Evaluation of Stem Robotics Kit, Mohammed Ahmed Paracha

Automation of the manufactring industries using Internet of Things, Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence, Syed Muhammad Talha Imam

Survey of DevOps implementation, benefits and challenges, Sadia Waheed

Big Data Infrastructures for IoT Analytics: A Literature Review and Future Roadmap, Mehrish Yousuf

Authorship attribution on Urdu corpus using lexical, syntactic and stylistic features, Sania Yousuf

Multimodal biometric systems, Muhammad Zain Uddin

Submissions from 2018

Latest trend & research in business analytics, Syed Usman Ahmed

A survey : recent machine learning techniques for classification of galaxies, Umair Ahmed

Cloud computing - IT governance point of view, Inam Ali

Challenges in optical character recognition (OCR), Saba Mohammad Ali

Understanding dark web and onion routing, Syed Osama Anwer

A survey on use of data analytics for improving operational efficiency in health care, Ayesha Asif Aziz

Frameworks for processing data generated by internet of things to make effective decision, Mirza Hassan Baig

Using block-chain in the e-commerce industry, Mahad Barlas

Detection of depression and anxiety by facial expression, Shabeeb Hasan

Applying centrality measures on citation network, Noor ul Huda

Challenges of designing the UX of a next generation smart phone and operating system, Arif Imran

Survey of IT governance and its related frameworks in emerging countries, Maria Farooq Janjua

A survey of transfer learning in text classification, Sharif Ullah Kamran

Gated bayesian networks for medical decision support systems, Faiza Khan

Cultural diversity and successful IT management, Muhammad Ali Khan

A study on agile tools in Pakistan, Romasha Khurshid

A survey on business intellenge chart selection and dashboard design, Rashida Moiz

Continuous software engineering, Madiha Nasim

Usability evaluation comparative study, Hamna Naveed

Detection of diabetic retinopathy using image processing, Muhammad Adeel Nazir

Integration of natural language processing and computer vision, Noor Us Saba

A survey of differential privacy, Muhammad Adil Saleem

Cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency exchanges, Farrukh Saleem Sheikh

Bring your own devices (BYOD), Nabiha Usmani

A survey on consensus protocols of blockchain technology, Abdul Wahab

Submissions from 2017

Distributed query processing, Nasir Ahmed

Research trends of deep learning in bioinformatics, Syed Meesum Ali


Web 3.0 for E-Commerce Portal, Muhammad Farooq

Big data analytics in healthcare, Aimen Ali Ghazi

Role of big data analytics in e-commerce, Syed Umair Hassan

Automated detection of exudates in diabetic retinopathy patients, Amna Iftikhar

Agile development of e-commerce portals, Muhammad, Salman Jawed

Deep learning and its applications, Muhammad Talha Khan

Sentiment analysis of political tweets, Syeda Fatima Komal

Real-time data warehouse and etl, Rehman Lalani

Survey on conversational chatbots algorithms, Shamaila Mahmood


Current issues in E-Commerce in Pakistan, Muhammad Umair Qureshi

A survey on disambiguation of query using query expansion techniques, Maria Rahim

Big data analytics in healthcare, Ayma Siddiqui

A survey on opinion mining, Zakia Turabee

Submissions from 2016


Sensible smart city mobile applications, Nawazish Abbas


Intelligent car systems using TORCS simulators, Sohaib Ali


Ontology learning from unstructured text, Javeria Anwer


Survey and comparison of nature inspired optimization algorithms, Jam Jahanzeb Khan Behan


In Memory Analytics, Saba Channa


Human computer interaction in Augmented Reality, Afshan Ejaz


A survey of Pakistan's SQA practices: A comparative study, Sumeen Farooqi


Cyber-crimes and e-banking: An empirical study, Rizwan Hussain


Clustering and classification for market segmentation, Saddam Imdad


Image segmentation, Shafia Kamran


Evolution of visual interfaces, Hira Anwar Khan


Aspect based sentiment analysis, Zarmeen Nasim


The role of Big Data in the development of Smart Cities, Muhammad Faisal Nasir


Research survey on Software Defined Networking, Syed Danish Nasir


Using Erlang in Robocup Soccer Simulation, Sojharo N/A


De-identification and anonymization of protected health information, Muhammad Usman Shahid


Realtime data warehousing, Noman Ahmed Siddique


Personality recognition through social media, Maleeha Siddiqui


Trends of e-procurement & its reflections in Pakistan, Mashkhor Nayyar Siddiqui


Master data management: literature review, Muhammad Fouad Ilyas Siddiqui


Big Data, Sania Siddiqui


Real time data warehousing, Uzair Sultan


Aesthetics - an element of human computer interaction, Saima Suri