Submissions from 2023


Shariah-compliant counter at PSX, Ahmed Ali Siddiqui


Hajj Fund: enabling savings with economic development, Ahmed Ali Siddiqui and JAWERIYA NAZ


Potential for green, ESG Sukuk, Ahmed Ali Siddiqui and Samia Tahir Jawad


Significance of Sukuk in Pakistan, Ahmed Ali Siddiqui and Samia Tahir Jawad


CORPORATE WINDOW: Conversion towards Islamic finance, Samia Tahir Jawad

Submissions from 2022


An Indefatigable Defender of Child Education, Nadeem Hussain


Exporting Talent, Nadeem Hussain


On Religious Extremism, Nadeem Hussain and Imtiaz Ali


Pakistan’s Political Paralysis, Nadeem Hussain and Imtiaz Ali


Economy: Pakistan’s Story of Debt, Nadeem Hussain and Iqra Saleem


Cheating the System, Nadeem Hussain and Qazi Muhammad Zulqurnain Ul Haq


Revisiting Education at 75, Nadeem Hussain and Qazi Muhammad Zulqurnain Ul Haq


The Politics of Education, Nadeem Hussain and Qazi Muhammad Zulqurnain Ul Haq


The Poverty Front, Nadeem Hussain and Qazi Muhammad Zulqurnain Ul Haq

The False Promise of One Unit, Aijaz A. Qureshi and Nadeem Hussain

Submissions from 2021

My art is not diasporic, Meher Afroz

Impact of the Covid 19 pandemic on gender equality, Nuzhat Ahmad

Resources planning for SMEs, Imran Batada

The gaming promise, Imran Batada

Governing the ungovernable, Ishrat Husain


Murdering Women, Nadeem Hussain

PTI candidate says PDM parties never served Nowshera, IBA

Taking the public for a ride, Muhammad Zohaib Jawaid

Of legitimacy and power, Foqia Siddiq Khan

A slam dunk, Muna Khan

Trying to contain a world, Nadya Chishty Mujahid

The hidden voices of film, Parvez Rahim

India's toxic obsession with Pakistan, Hammad Sarfaraz

Negotiating America's new position, Hammad Sarfaraz

The art of abstraction, Nageen Shaikh

The successes of Pakistani women's mobilisation, Nageen Shaikh

A mixed report card, Kamal Siddiqi

Dishonour killings, Kamal Siddiqi

Moving ahead in 2021, Kamal Siddiqi

Questions about the vaccine, Kamal Siddiqi

Questions on free speech, Kamal Siddiqi

Sri Lanka's forced cremations, Kamal Siddiqi

The magic that is radio, Kamal Siddiqi

The sad story of chahat, Kamal Siddiqi

Submissions from 2020

97 bodies retrieved from crashed PIA plane, . .

Failure of secularism behind rise of religious identity, . .

DNA, Nasir Afghan

GB's historic polls, Sajjad Ahmad

GB's long struggle, Sajjad Ahmad

Polls in GB, Sajjad Ahmad

Changes to policy for hiring of community welfare attaches scrapped, Malik Asad

The future of e-commerce, Imran Batada

Overlooked - the impact of global warming on gender based violence, Niha Dagia

Covid-19 and the job market, Lalarukh Ejaz

Economists press for policy easing, Usman Hanif

Structural Reforms, Ishrat Husain


Society: The Future of a Crisis, Nadeem Hussain and Qazi Muhammad Zulqurnain Ul Haq

Strings attached to top aid receiving countries, Asma Hyder

Visisonary educationist, Manzoor Ali Isran

Pakistan must hold the policy rate as the economy recuperates, Muhammad Zohaib Jawaid

The curious case of Pakistan's spiralling remittances, Muhammad Zohaib Jawaid

What will be decided at the next monetary policy committee meeting?, Muhammad Zohaib Jawaid

Why is Pakistan facing a wheat crisis again?, Muhammad Zohaib Jawaid

Why is Pakistan falling prey to inflation?, Muhammad Zohaib Jawaid

Why the future of Pakistan Stock Exchange could be gloomy, Muhammad Zohaib Jawaid

Coming of rage, Muna Khan

Pressing matters, Muna Khan

The empathy files, Muna Khan

Being certain in uncertain times, Muslim Mooman

Pakistan's digital landscape post-covid, Muslim Mooman

Celebrating sisterhood, Nadya Chishty Mujahid

Lady of the flies, Nadya Chishty Mujahid

A rare opportunity for exports, Aadil Nakhoda

Pendamic-related trade challenges, Aadil Nakhoda

Trapped in low productivity cycle, Aadil Nakhoda

Unpredictable export growth during pendamic, Aadil Nakhoda

Volatility in trade figures and pandemic, Aadil Nakhoda

Withering economic growth?, Aadil Nakhoda

Elites have captured the state and market, Omar Qureshi

Date of birth, Parvez Rahim

India forces Amnesty International to shut shop, Hammad Sarfaraz

India's leadership ambitions remain unrealised, Hammad Sarfaraz

Pakistan's low productivity and the way out, Muhammad Nadeem Sarwar

Sugar probe and need for reforms, Muhammad Nadeem Sarwar

Do price bands bring efficiency to stock trading?, Saqib Sharif

Challenging ignorance, Kamal Siddiqi

Dealing with trolls, Kamal Siddiqi

Karachi after the storm, Kamal Siddiqi

One step forward, Kamal Siddiqi

Should we re-open schools?, Kamal Siddiqi

Shutdown time, Kamal Siddiqi

The second wave, Kamal Siddiqi

And this, our Mayor, Kamal Siddiqui

Death of Soybean dust, Kamal Siddiqui

Goodbye Dr Imam, Kamal Siddiqui

Justice for Aziz Memon, Kamal Siddiqui

Karachi's parking scams, Kamal Siddiqui

Protecting minority rights, Kamal Siddiqui

Questions after Wuhan, Kamal Siddiqui