About the Conference

Sustainability: Global & Local Challenges

SBS International Conference is annually organized by School of Business Studies (SBS)-IBA since 2022 with a unique theme each year. This year's conference theme for IBA-SBSIC 2023 is sustainability, which involves balancing economic, social, and environmental factors to ensure long-term viability. The conference this year will explore contributions in Management, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, and Law tracks to discuss the opportunities and challenges sustainability presents businesses. The event aims to provide unique opportunities and challenges to further the knowledge and understanding of businesses and policy connections needed to progress towards sustainability.

The previous year's conference theme was 'Decision-Making in a Disruptive Age'. Renowned scholars and researcher discussed disruption that comes in the form of technological breakthroughs, emerging industries or a pandemic that forces us to redefine how we work, and the times we live in. Understanding the myriad effects of the unique challenges caused by turbulence, and learning how to manage these effects more effectively, was considered essential to be ready for the challenges and opportunities that the future may present.

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