Submission Policies & Guidelines

Conference Paper Policies

  • At least one author of submitted papers needs to register for the conference to present the paper. Any paper not presented at the conference will not be published in the conference proceedings.
  • A paper may only be submitted to a single track of the conference. The same article submitted for more than one track may be rejected from the conference.
  • An author may only be the author or co-author for a maximum of three papers submitted in any of the tracks of the conference. For authors who have submitted more than three papers as author or co-author would risk their work not being considered for review.
  • In the case of an author who is unable to travel to the conference to present their work, either due to their inability to obtain a valid visa or any other cause, a cancellation fee would be charged from their registration.
  • Authors may submit a full paper, working paper, or an extended abstract of no more than 4 pages including figures, tables, etc.

Guidelines for submitting manuscripts

The deadline for submitting manuscripts to the conference is April 30th, 2024. Please click on the 'Submit Paper' button on the sidebar to submit your manuscript. You will be asked to create an account and will be guided through the submission process. Please note the following points to keep in mind while submitting your paper(s).

  • All Papers MUST be submitted in Microsoft word, with paragraph spacing set at double-space, and a 12-point Times New Roman font.
  • There is a maximum word limit of 7,000 words for all submitted papers. If your accepted paper is longer than 7,000 words, you will receive a request from the conference review committee to reduce it to 7,000 words.
  • The first page of your manuscript must include the following information:
    • TITLE (bold, all capital letters)
    • Author Names, University Affiliations, Email addresses.
    • Keywords: Please provide a list of 4-5 keys words
  • Begin your manuscript with the heading: ABSTRACT. This should be centered and in all capital letters. The heading is followed by an abstract of not more than 200 words in normal font.
  • The abstract should be followed by INTRODUCTION, which should be aligned left, and in all capital letters.
  • In the text, use the following heading structure:
    • MAJOR HEADING (bold, aligned left, all capital letters)
    • Secondary Heading (bold italics, aligned left, title style capital letters)
  • All text must be aligned left in the main body of your paper.
  • REFERENCES: Please ensure that
    • All references mentioned in the paper are provided in the reference list, and there is no reference in the list that is not mentioned in the main text of the paper.
    • All references should follow the APA style.
    • All tables and figures must be sequentially numbered and placed within the main document.
    • Additional tables can be put in an annexure.

    Guidelines for submission of extended abstract


    Mention the objective of the study. Explain the problem/s you are addressing with the help of the current study. You can refer to past studies to build your research problem.

    Literature Review

    Briefly review the relevant literature to place your study in the literature

    Study design/methodology/approach: 

    This is the “How” part of your study which explains the methods and procedures e.g. which data sets have you used and how have you collected the data. The study should also highlight which tools of analysis are used.


    Explain the results and findings of your study. This section elaborates on the research problem and confirms or rejects the hypotheses or propositions.


    Elaborate on the value of the study and its originality in a certain discipline.

    Research limitations

    Mention the limitations of the study and future research agenda.

    Theoretical implications

    Describe the theoretical gaps addressed by your research.

    Practical implications

    Describe how your study can benefit the practitioners, industries, and other stakeholders.

    Please note the word count for the abstract is between 800-1500 words

    Please provide references at the end of the extended abstract. The references are excluded from the given word count for abstract and literature review.