Call for Papers

Disruption defines the times we live in. Whether this disruption comes in the form of technological breakthroughs, emerging industries or a pandemic that forces us to redefine how we work, such volatility has redefined the times we live in. Understanding the myriad effects of the unique challenges caused by turbulence, and learning how to manage these effects more effectively, is essential to be ready for the challenges and opportunities that the future may present.

The IBA School of Business Studies International Conference, 2022 aims to provide a platform to discuss the challenges of disruption while also allowing scholarly discourses on different areas of business. The conference is structured around the following three tracks that comprehensively cover different areas of business.

  • Accounting, Law & Finance
  • Contemporary Issues in Marketing
  • Management

While focusing on disruption, the conference also offers opportunity to explore and investigate issues in each of the three tracks by offering scholars with diverse backgrounds and interests to present their work.

The track of Accounting, Law & Finance is tied to the overarching theme of the conference by specially inviting contributions that focus on Islamic Finance, Law & Corporate Governance. The track also seeks submission of manuscripts that address the broader theme of finance, accounting, and law. Therefore, papers on topics including, but not restricted to, financial markets, regulations, investments, corporate finance, corporate governance, audit quality, data analytics using accounting data and behavioral finance are also welcome.

The track of Marketing invites contributions related to different contemporary research areas in marketing particularly in the emerging use of technology to understand consumers. Among others, contributions on Neuromarketing and its applications are welcome. The track also invites contributions from scholars in the general area of marketing which may include, but are not restricted to, ethical marketing, consumer behavior, and contemporary buying behaviors.

The track of Management focuses on the management challenges caused due to disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The track also invites scholars to share their research in different areas of management including, but not restricted to, supply chain management, sustainability, and entrepreneurship.

  • Paper Submissions Deadline: May 17 2022
  • Acceptance Notification: May 23 2022
  • Registration Fees Deadline: May 30 2022