Call for Papers

The IBA-SBS International Conference (IBA-SBSIC), bringing together scholars, professionals, and policymakers from across the world, offers a learning and networking platform for the latest research to address burning questions facing businesses in today's globalized world.

The IBA-SBSIC scope encompasses research from the disciplines of Management, Marketing, Finance, Accounting and Law.

The conference theme for this year is Innovation and Disruption: Business Success Through AI. In today's fast-paced business landscape, innovation and disruption have become synonymous with success. As industries continue to evolve, organizations must adapt and leverage cutting-edge technologies to stay ahead of the curve. At the SBS International Conference 2024, we delve into one of the most transformative forces driving business growth: Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Given the increasing importance of technology, the 03rd IBA-SBSIC 2024 aims to provide a platform to discuss the opportunities and challenges AI presents to businesses. The 03rd IBA-SBSIC 2024 invites contributions from scholars working in this area to the following four tracks:

  • Accounting & Law
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Management

The conference, with an intended focus on sustainability, offers an opportunity for scholars with diverse backgrounds and interests to present their work that explores and investigates issues in each of the four tracks.

The management track at the IBA-SBS International Conference 2024 invites contributions on topics within the management domain, with a focus on how AI is reshaping the business landscape. Potential research themes include, but are not limited to, organizational behavior, strategy, supply chain management, management education, entrepreneurship, and human resource management. For more information relaed to this track, visit

Explore the frontiers of modern-day technologies in marketing by joining us at the upcoming IBA SBS International Conference. Contribute to shaping this future by sharing your valuable research in the field of Marketing. The Marketing themes and subthemes include (but are by no means limited to) the following: AI and Marketing, E-commerce and Fintech, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), Food Marketing, Agriculture and Marketin, Tourism: "Pakistan as a Brand", Neuromarketing, and Ethics and responsible technology implementation in marketing. For more information related to this track, visit

The objective of the finance track is to convene researchers, academics, doctoral students, and practitioners from national and international institutions to address current financial issues and research findings related to AI and ML in finance. Specifically, our aim is to contribute to the expanding literature on AI and ML in finance and their broader implications for the local and global economy. Both theoretical and empirical papers from all areas of finance dealing with AI and ML are invited. Special topics include but are not limited to: AI and predictive analysis in finance, AI-driven trading strategies, Algorithmic Trading and Market Efficiency, Robo Advisor and Financial Decisions, High-frequency trading driven by big data, Machine learning models for asset pricing, Innovation in asset pricing, Portfolio allocation through AI and ML, Natural language based financial forecasting, Sentiment and technical analysis through AI, Fintech and AI applications to Behavioral finance, AI and Supply chain finance, Blockchain, AI, and the future of finance, Cryptocurrency and Central Bank Digital currency, Decentralized Finance, Corporate governance in the AI-driven world, Generative AI and corporate finance, Financial inclusion and the role of AI, The role of AI in risk management, Implications of AI for financial regulation and financial stability, AI in fintech and the future of banking, The ethical considerations of using AI in finance, Fraud detection based on big financial data analytics, Regulatory challenges with AI and governance of big data finance, Ethical and Sustainability issues in AI. For more information related to this track, visit

Researchers and practitioners are invited to contribute papers exploring the intersection of AI, Business Operations, and Workforce Dynamics within the domain of accounting and law. Potential topics may include: AI in Financial Reporting, Legal Implications of AI in the Workplace: Examine the legal aspects surrounding the integration of AI in employment, addressing issues of privacy, ethical considerations, and potential legal challenges, Smart Contracts and Blockchain in Accounting: Investigate the impact of smart contracts and blockchain technology on accounting practices, ensuring transparency and security in financial transactions, AI-driven Compliance and Regulations: Investigate how AI is transforming compliance processes and helping organizations adhere to ever-evolving legal and regulatory requirements, Ethical Considerations in AI Adoption: Discuss the ethical implications of AI in accounting and law, exploring responsible AI practices and the role of professionals in ensuring ethical standards.For more information related to this track, visit