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Saniya Fayaz: 0000-0003-2805-0774

Raja Rub Nawaz: 0000-0002-2248-4793


With an increase in studies relating to consumer perceptions, behaviors, cognition and potential markets, researchers are trying to understand the science of neuromarketing and the copious possibilities it puts forth. The present reviews in the field of neuromarketing are often limited when it comes to the scope or the discussion of documents and further subjects. This serves as a limitation to the consolidative and theoretical implications in the field. The study addresses this theoretical and methodological gap by charting the bibliometric analysis using the citation, cooccurrence, annual productivity, collaborations and sources approaches by analyzing a total of 390 articles extracted from 237 sources indexed in the Web of Science (WoS) database, within the time span of 2005 to 2023. The paper demonstrates the trends and evolution of neuromarketing, the prominent theoretical and conceptual areas exploring the field and the important keywords used throughout the analyzed literature. With this study, we present suggestions for imminent research to shape the scientific and practical approaches of neuromarketing through exploring the field within the current framing, going beyond the existing frame of research in neuromarketing and transforming the neuromarketing research. This bibliometric analysis of neuromarketing research addresses aspects such as significant authors and sources, cultural collaborations, and current themes which have a critical impact on this field. Through these highlights, researchers can contribute to the development of neuromarketing knowledge and its practical use in order to make it possible to integrate neurological principles into future studies and commercial practices more effectively.


Neuromarketing, Bibliometric Analysis, Citation Analysis, Cooccurrence Analysis.



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M31, M39

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June 26, 2023



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