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The study strives to find out how the purchase intentions (PI) of millennials consumer in Pakistan are affected by electronic word-of-mouth impacts.


To fulfill that purpose, three EWOM determinants - quantity, quality, and valence are chosen. Whereas Brand image (BI) and perceived Quality (PQ) are taken as mediators. The paper adopts a Quantitative approach to survey 169 Karachi respondents. Inferential analysis of collected data was performed using PLS version 4.0. Structural equation modeling is also performed using Smart PLS version 4.0.


The results confirmed the proposed hypothesis that the quality, quantity, and valence of EWOM significantly influence millennial consumers' purchase intentions. The paper's final part presents theoretical and administrative implications, limitations, and suggestions for further research.

Implications & Limitations

The findings of the study is useful to marketers and brand managers to better understand their customers and adapt their prospective online communication strategies.

The investigation's findings underscore buying intention rather than purchase decision. Future research can close the research gaps by determining the root factors that play a crucial role in the last phases of converting buy intention into the purchase decision.


The present study provides important contributions to the eWOM literature by assessing the effect of key factors of eWOM on buying intentions of Millennials (Generation Y) of Pakistan.


EWOM Quantity, EWOM Quality, EWOM Valence, Purchase intention, Brand Image, Perceived Quality



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June 26, 2023



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