Master of Business Administration

Faculty / School

School of Business Studies (SBS)


Dr. Asim Shabbir, Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing

Project Coordinator (Internal)

Muhammad Zahid

Project Coordinator (External)

Tauheed Dyer, Marketing Manager, Tapal Tea



Committee Member 1

Akhtar Mahmud, Department of Marketing, Institute of Business Administration, Karachi

Project Type

MBA Research Project

Abstract / Summary

With its penchant for strong and rich teas, Pakistan boasts one of the biggest tea markets world-wide. RTD iced tea, which started out as a new niche category, is gradually showing promise in the country, owing to evolving consumer preferences and an influx of western brands. Tapal, which is Pakistan’s leading packaged tea brand is working on expanding its portfolio by launching its new iced tea in the market. With traditional tea standing at nearly 100% household penetration, it not only seeks to bring new consumers into its fold, but also develop the relatively new cold tea market. As a brand focused on quality and consumer satisfaction, Tapal aims to develop a comprehensive strategy and launch plan to attract consumers based on market research and feasibility analysis.

The objective of this study is to unearth the buying intention of iced tea among young Pakistani consumers as well as the effects of brand trust and perceived price. To gain insights on consumer motivations, perceptions, drivers and inhibitors, mixed-method research was designed, incorporating both qualitative and quantitative techniques. While the former comprised of interviews, focus groups, retail visits and projective techniques surveys with 195 participants, the latter involved an online survey administered to 121 participants online.

Results show that iced tea has opportunity to grow in Pakistan if marketed as a healthier, refreshing alternative for young consumers who exhibit variety seeking behavior as well as a need to form deeper social bonds over meals. Since its perceived as a premium product, pricing plays a vital role towards influencing purchase, which is why the best value provider strategy would be ideal for Tapal, alongside leveraging on marketing aspects focused on the drink being a means to relax and recuperate.


No funding was received for this research by the authors

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