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This research posits that a domain ontology developed using text-coding technique contributes in conceptualizing and representing state-of-the-art as given by published research in a particular domain. The motivation behind this research is to provide means for creating a better understanding among the researchers through ontology that would present a clearer picture of any domain of interest. However, a general observation on ontology engineering methods is the domination of personal perspective of ontology developer and/or expert in the resultant ontology. Current ontology engineering methods bestow a primary role to ontology developer. Ontology thus developed is heavily biased towards the domain expert’s personal understanding of the domain. However, ontology stands a better chance of being unbiased if it is derived from established research such that it is closely linked to the text of the published research, i.e. entities and their relationships are obtained directly from data through coding. Therefore, this new methodology has been proposed(Grounded Ontology - GO) for deriving an ontology directly from published research texts. An ontology developed using this method can enhance visibility of what others have already done and ensure that research efforts in a domain are directed to new vistas instead of being wasted in duplicating the efforts.


Grounded ontology, Ontology engineering, Systems engineering, Domains



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March 30, 2021



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