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Research is conducted to identify impact of adopting Strategic HRM on HR outcomes (i.e. job satisfaction and organizational commitment) and performance measures (i.e. organizational and, individual performance) in order to the fill empirical gap in developing economy’s context. Cased based survey approach has been adopted to retrieve the evidence from companies. Three organizations are studied in depth to identify the evidence about strategic role of HRM. Objectivism has been adopted to test ontological assumption whereas positivism has been incorporated to test the epistemological assumption to prove the nature of reality about Strategic HRM. Results depict that effective Strategic HRM adoption can help companies to enhance the work attitudes’ of staff along with company's performance. Study has extended universal perspective of Strategic HRM. Study accepts that HR paradigm is shifting in to prove HR as strategic business partner in developing economies. Results reveal that Strategic HRM is positively associated with HR outcomes and performance measures and varies between companies of different sizes. Practitioners are encouraged to adopt Strategic HRM with the trust that company’s performance will be improved by addressing the HR outcomes. Thus companies that align HR function and practices perform better and produce satisfied and committed employees for enhanced individual and organizational performance in developing economies like Pakistan.


Strategic human resource management, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, individual performance and organizational performance



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March 30, 2021



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