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The aim of this study is to examine the relationship of human resource (HR) professionals’ competencies, HR professionals’ willingness (HRPW) and HR professionals’ effectiveness (HRPE). The Human Resource Competency Study model is used in this research, which is modified to include ‘Willingness’ as an important competency. The study is undertaken using data drawn from the line managers of two large Privatized Banks (PB1) and (PB2) of Pakistan. It is hypothesized that all HR professionals’ competencies are equally and strongly related to HR professionals’ effectiveness which is theoretically associated with organizational performance. The study finds that the HR professionals’ competencies including HR social competencies (HRSC), HR technical competencies (HRTC) and HRPW have a highly significant correlation with HRPE. However, social competencies are more significant in their relationship with HRPE than the HRTC and HRPW in both PB1 and PB2. Within the sub competencies of HRSC the ‘Credible Activist’ (in case of PBP1) is the most significant and strongly correlated competency with HRPE. While, the ‘Culture and Change Steward’ (in case of PB2) is the most significant and strongly correlated competency with HRPE. Furthermore, within the sub competencies of HRTC the ‘Operational Executor’ (in case of PB1) and ‘Business Ally’ (in case of PB2) have a stronger relationship with HRPE than others. The study finds the HR professionals’ competencies are lacking in the PB1 in Pakistan as most of the HR professionals’ competencies as well as their effectiveness were found to be below the expectation levels of the line managers. The study also finds the HR professionals’ competencies, willingness and effectiveness are generally on moderating side (in case of PB2). This indicates that the HR professionals’ competencies, willingness and their effectiveness need to be improved further which will ultimately lead to the better organizational performance.


HR professionals’ competencies, HR professionals’ effectiveness, Willingness, Bank



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March 30, 2021



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