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The present century i.e. 21st Century is the century of Business and Climate. These two issues are getting higher attention from both developed countries and developing economies. On the one hand, business has affecting environment and on the other hand environmental products are boosting business and therefore, there is close relationship between business and climate change . Looking into the growing grave concern from different sections over climate change, considerably due to industrial units, businesses had also started to take initiative in this regard. The paper, henceforth, concentrates on what had so far been done, and what more need to be done for maintaining ecological balance. The paper, as such, is divided into four parts. Section second briefly brings strategic information on climate change. Section third of the study traces-out distinct problems and barriers associated to climate change, particularly in Indian scenario. Finally section four of the study lays down various solutions for tackling the problem of climate change.


Business, Climate, Ecological balance, Carbon emission, Human civilization, Industrial revolution



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April 01, 2021



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