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The paper aims to report on the role of HR managers with special reference to changing management practices by proposing a model named CMP (Changing Management Practices) for modern companies. This will help organizations to set their directions in the most appropriate manner. The main purpose of this case study is to analyze the parameters proposed in the model and apply them on the sampled companies from American and Asian contexts. The study reports as a comparative case study as it is the best choice to address such parameters mentioned in the CMP model. Research suggests that companies no longer have a choice when it comes to adopting modern changes. If they do not accept these changes, they will lag behind in this hypercompetitive global scenario. . Companies are supposed to handle the overload of information, customer changing choices, employees’ motivational level and adopt modern methods of corporate activities. Such practices are well identified by HR managers as they are considered important organizational icons and must be managed like an organizational wheel of coordination, collaboration and changing modern management practices. The practical implication of this paper will be on HR managers who will apply the parameters mentioned in the model. HR managers can utilize the CMP model to make their companies more competitive. Modern managers will learn from the success of the companies and will adopt the ways recommended in this study. This paper is a comparative case study for academic and practical domains. It will benefit all HR managers, students and Business Management faculty.


Changing management practices, Role of HR managers, Modern organizations, CMP Model



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March 30, 2021



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