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In Pakistan, establishing and running business schools in private sector flourished because of the increasing propensity of students for business studies to commence their career as executives in corporate and other sectors. But, this has become a commercial activity. There are only few public and private institutes which are the role model for others. The mushroom growth of private and public business schools all over Pakistan has opened the possibilities for businesses/industries to have an access to qualified business graduates, at the same time students also have a wide range of choice of business institutes both from private and public to pick from, unlike in 1990s when there were only a couple of good Business Schools. On the one hand, students have the opportunity to pick up an institute of their choice but the flip side is even more challenging, how was the selected school being looked-upon by the business houses all over Pakistan. Many institutions in Pakistan came up with proper infrastructure and their graduates are the key personnel of various reputed multinational and national firms. Beside a very wide gap in quality of education (except in few) between public and private institutes, there is a very close competition among these institutes. The market acceptability of graduates produced by these institutes is always a question in either situation. This study is based upon the comparison b/w graduates of selected leading business schools of the country.


Business schools, Private sector, Business students, Economic structure, Educational quality



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April 01, 2021



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