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This research study is an attempt to measure Impact of Information Communication Technology (ICT) on Organizational Productivity (Efficiency and Effectiveness); which leads to Organization Performance (∆Cost, ∆Time, and ∆Quality) using IRA Model. Study also explores barriers in ICT Adoption and impact of IT Literate Human Capital on Organizational Productivity. Sample for this research study has been chosen from Higher Educational Sector (HES) of Pakistan. These institutions are located at various geographic locations of Pakistan. Result shows significant relation of ICT adoption on the effectiveness, nonetheless ICT adoption is insignificant on efficiency; however the relationship between the two is positive. Research suggest that ICT adoption needs to be implemented with the intent of maximizing organizational outcome, in a manner that ICT fundamentally improves the Organizational Productivity of the firm, which, in turn will improve Organizational Performance.


ICT role and Adoption model (IRA) model, Organization productivity, Organizational performance, Higher education sector (HES), Information communication technology (ICT), Core communicational technologies (CCT), Enterprise computational technologies (ECT), Group Collaboration Technologies (GCT), Organizational efficiency, Organizational effectiveness



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March 02, 2021



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