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Leading a construction-related business in the global competitive environment is a complex and challenging undertaking. It takes more than technical skills to unleash new opportunities, compete for a leading position in the local market, break into foreign markets, develop and sustain long-term competitive advantage, continuously reinvent the business to be able to attract, develop and retain talent Corporate leaders must be able to see and do things that their competitors do not, make quick decisions to seize business opportunities, and constantly grow their people to take over the leadership positions within the firm. An in-depth qualitative study of 49 senior executive leaders in the construction industry of Singapore revealed that 'vigilant outlook'- inspirational vision, providing courageous impetus, systemic perspective, and vigilant decision making' - was a key characteristic of successful corporate leaders and their respective organizations. This article highlights how corporate leaders effectively employ 'vigilant outlook' to achieve sustainable growth and veritable performance for their people organizations.


Construction industry, Corporate leadership



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March 05, 2021



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