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Global financial crisis is the biggest threat to the survival of the world in years to come. It has far reaching consequences for both developed and developing economies of the world. There is only a difference of the degree of impact. This crisis is resulting into recession which is also a most dangerous thing for the global economy. Hence, these days, global attention has now shifting from concern in regard to dimensions of the financial crisis to assessing how deep the real economy recession it has triggered will be and how long the crisis would last. No one can say how long it would last or when recovery would start. With the recession intensifying and estimates becoming more pessimistic, there are reasons to fear that a possible recovery that is being expected by 2010 may not be realized or materialized The present paper would deal with these issues and would also suggest a strategy to overcome the existing most chronic problem.


Developing economies, Emerging economies, Financial crises, Global economy



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March 05, 2021



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