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The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies from approximately 162 countries. ISO is also a non-governmental organization that forms the missing link between the public and private sectors. With increasing awareness and attention on delivering quality and desirable products to the end users, ISO certification has increasingly become an important benchmark and confidence for both the organization and its customers. To keep up with the evolution and advancement in the different industries such as manufacturing, hospitality and construction, and also to satisfy higher customer’s expectations, ISO has to constantly improve and renew its standards. Consequently, with respect to quality management, an updated version of ISO 9001:2000 was issued recently in 2008. The current applicable standard is thus the ISO 9001:2008 relating to quality management systems. ISO 9001:2008 does not evolve from a major overhaul of ISO 9001:2000. Instead, it introduces significant clarification to the requirements stated in ISO 9001:2000. This study examines the willingness and receptiveness of large construction firms in Singapore to transit to the new ISO 9001:2008 standard. It also evaluates organization behavior that motivates construction firms to make the transition to the new ISO 9001:2008 standard


Quality management, ISO 9001:2008, Construction firms, Organizationbehavior



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March 05, 2021



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