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The modern, urban Indian populations both male and female are becoming increasingly conscious about their style and looks, with great emphasis on lightening of skin tone. Skin care and color cosmetics have witnessed solid growth for the last few years Within a short span of the last five-six years, the use of cosmetics by Indian consumers has increased significantly with more and more women and men taking greater interest in personal grooming. Increasing disposable incomes, changing life styles, influence of satellite television and greater product choice and availability has also fueled the consumption pattern of cosmetics to build the perception of self image and personality. The ecological understanding of perception advanced from Gibson's early work is perception-in-action, the notion that perception is a requisite property of animate action, without perception action would not be guided and without action perception would be pointless. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of cosmetics use on attribution concerning the likelihood of provoking psychological benefit in improving the personality. The study reported here forms part of an investigation of what psychological benefits, if any, exist for the user of cosmetics. A central theme in the work on physical attractiveness is that if one is physically attractive one is assumed to have a more ideal personality than someone of lesser attractiveness. If cosmetics really do make people look more physically attractive, then with the use of cosmetics others should perceive people more favourably in terms of personality characteristics. This study, therefore, attempted to find out whether cosmetics really do improve appearance ratings (by males and females) and in result improve ratings of personality Post liberalisation period in India is witnessing rapid socio- economic changes. The life style marketing has emerged as one of the important strategy for marketer to attract consumer to its offer. The study of lifestyle is interdisciplinary. It draws on a variety of disciplines such as anthropology, psychology, sociology and economics. Marketing uses this eclectic approach for segmenting, targeting and positioning which forms the core of marketing strategy. Cosmetics and toiletries are not just the domain of women any longer and Indian men too are increasingly taking to the use of more and more body sprays, perfumes and other cosmetics and toiletries. With rising demand from men, the Indian market is getting enlarged and many players are coming out with cosmetic products especially skin care products for men.


Perception-in-action, Beauty, Cosmetics, Psychological benefits, Appearance rating



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March 05, 2021



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