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This paper examines the impact of mobile phone on the personal, financial, psychological, physical, educational and also the social life of a student. We have taken a sample of hundred students from the various cities of Pakistan, such as, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Dera Ismail Khan. Mostly their educational level is from Matric to PhD, considering both males and females equally and their age group is from teenager to adulthood. The results of this study show that 65% students have their own mobile phones, while 35% do not have their own. Mostly 28% students are using U-fone, while 23% are using Mobilink and 18% students are the subscribers of Warid Telecom. Nokia is the most useable brand by the students. 60% students have said that there is no need of personal mobile, while 40 % response is positive. 50% students have given the response that, mobile phone can be used for cheating purpose through messaging and blue tooth etc. 35% students daily consume 1-20 minutes, while 25% students consume more than one hour regarding use of cell phone. Results also show that mostly students have bought their cell pone in adulthood. 29% students do 1-5 messages a day. Mostly students have bought their cell phone for general purposes. Generally its expenses varies from Rs: 250-600 monthly and these expenses are generally paid by their parents. Students mostly like to buy a phone more than Rs. 4000 and generally replace it after one year. Majority of student have said that mobile phone has increased both social and psychological problems. During the study 56% have said that it should be kept silent and there should also be problem rules and regulations regarding use of mobile phone. So there are some other facts and figures which are given this article. Less attention has been dedicated to the reconstruction and analysis of the impulse that its users have given the mobile. The main idea of this article is that the mobile is changing not only the student’s life, but also the framework of society. In a nut shell, the results and recommendations of this study can help us to improve the usage of Cell phone among the young generation specially students.


Mobile phone, Educational impact, Social impact, Psychological impact, Physical impact, Student life



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February 24, 2021

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