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This paper discusses the question - can the anti-globalization / anti-capitalist movement transcend global capitalist order? First section outlines the essential features of capitalist subjectivity, regulation and transaction. The second section assesses the impact of globalization on capitalist subjectification and governance processes. The third section argues that anti-capitalist movement cannot transcend global capitalist order for it does not reject capitalist subjectification and its necessary prioritization of freedom. T Capitalism can be viewed as a historical (Marx 1982) or a rational (Hayek 1988) order. Neo-classical economics presumes capitalism’s rationality and naturalness. It recognizes no ‘outside of’ or ‘alternative to’ capitalist order and cannot therefore conceive of any systemic transcendence. We do not share this view. Outlining briefly the norms, regulatory processes and transaction forms specific to capitalist order (in the first section) we hope to raise (in the final section) the question that does ‘antiglobalization’/‘anti-capitalist’ movement seek transcendence from capitalism?


Capitalism, Globalization, Subjectivity, Regimes



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February 24, 2021

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