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This research is an exploratory study that investigates training in the state of Qatar. It is carried out with the intention to provide an insight into such a process among national workers in the Oil and Gas-based Industries (OGBI), which is one of the most significant economic sectors in the country. Additionally, the study also endeavors to investigate the training process and its related factors and practices that affects the development of their skills within the industry, such as their educational background, promotion and training incentives. It is found that educational attainment had influenced the Qatari workers' achievement of their training programs objectives and its effectiveness in developing their general and specific skills, with a stronger link with higher educational attainment and technical education. It was also shown that success and effectiveness of training within the industry in forming and developing Qatari workers’ skills is influenced by other internal organizational factors mainly promotion.


Oil and Gas-based Industries (OGBI), Training, Qatar Petroleum Company (QP)



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February 23, 2021

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