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1.1 BACKGROUND AND CONCEPTS Branding products has been a concept that has been there and thereabout since the ages, and internationally it has gained prominence as a means for building a product or service's identity and personality. Brands such as Nike and Apple stand as testament to the massive influence that Branding a product successfully can have on its future and popularity. Both the said Brands evoke feelings in almost all consumers' mind that other products can only envy. Branding hence looks to provide a product or a service with an identity, which can be called its own, and exist for the infinite future. Branding, thus, turns a generic product into an entity with a name and with attributes, which can evoke associations and feelings, and which has a distinct personality. It would be myopic to look at Branding purely as a means of selling products and services; rather, as the many examples in this paper will testify to, it can be a great means of packaging and marketing a country or a city.


Branding, Service identity, Marketing



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