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Towards a Vision 2030: direction of industrial development in Pakistan A Summary of the study conducted by: Japan International Cooperation Agency and International Development Center of Japan


Pakistan needs to find out ways to promote expansion of the dynamic market economy. This Study attempted to present ways to promote industries, specifically in order to achieve “well-directed economic development” to be broken down into: upgrading of industrial structure, control of the underground economy and proper development of economic infrastructure. In addition, in relation to “building economic clusters, unique to its locality”, concrete recommendations should be presented for the purpose of “well-directed regional development”. The Study selected seven manufacturing sectors – textile, food processing, automobile, electronic & electrical, chemical, housing related and IT industries –, and looked into their current situations to know future prospects of growth, and identified things to be done for development. Moreover, the Study covered a whole country with emphasis on four cities, namely, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta. The Study attempted to identify the Leading Industries, which should drive the Pakistani economy in the future. Furthermore, the study analyzed the industrial clusters in several areas, which could contribute to vitalize regional economy


Economic development, f economic infrastructure, regional development

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February 22, 2021