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Employee motivation in banking has become one of the most considerable issues as every firm wants to make optimistic usage of their available human resources motivating them to achieve boosted performance. The study aimed to investigate the employee motivation dynamics in Pakistan conventional banking sector for employee performance circulating an adopted questionnaire online, considering 180 respondents as the sample size using a convenience probability sampling technique with a valid response rate of 78.89%. The findings employing SEM analysis using Smart PLS3 revealed a positive impact of employee motivation training and intrinsic rewards on the performance of bank employees. Furthermore, the significant effect of employee training as a mediator P=0.032, while the insignificant impact of intrinsic reward’s moderation P=0.744 has been found. The study outcomes validate employee training and intrinsic rewards as the most influential factors of employee performance, followed by motivation. The study is equally valuable for all stakeholders concerned with the conventional banking sector, including employees, employers, bank officials and especially for potential researchers by offering significant directions to further research on the concerned topic of interest.


Motivation, Intrinsic Rewards, Training, Employee Performance



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M53, P27

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October 25, 2023



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