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This paper aims to investigate the customer experience and post purchase behavior in the mobile application environment. This study is experimental with a quantitative approach. Two hypothetical mobile apps were developed; social-focused and information-focused. Data was collected by surveying 400 online shoppers and, analyzed by employing SEM and multi-group analysis techniques using Amos. Results suggest that a mobile app that is socially focused enhances the customer experience and customer engagement behavior respectively. Next, the need for touch provides boundary conditions between customer experience and customer engagement behavior. Behavioral experience can be enhanced by improving online customer experience with the help of atmospherics have implications for the retailers. Social mobile apps with richer media experience reduce the uncertainties and lead towards customer engagement behavior. Two real mobile applications were developed based on richer media experience focusing on social elements and limited media experience focusing only on information. Studies are limited to cognitive and affective experience. This study focused on social presence and sensory appeal with cognitive and affective dimensions. Customer engagement behavior was studied in depth.


M-commerce, Online customer experience, Customer engagement behavior, Social mobile apps, Multi-group analysis, Need for touch



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July 01, 2022



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