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Police stations in Pakistan are considered ill-prepared and underequipped to deal with the country’s complex and urbanized security challenges. This study aims to investigate the relationship between self-efficacy and job performance in the Lahore police department. This research is conducted by using two standard tools measuring the variables under study. Data were collected from the operation wing policemen stationed at the 6 police divisions of Lahore using a multistage sampling method. Final sample comprised of 321 male police officers from different cadres at the PS level. It was hypothesized that Self efficacy is positively correlated with the job performance. The inferential analysis comprised of Pearson Correlation results highlighted a significant positive association between SE and IJP (r=.658, N=321, p¡0.00). In addition, the correlation between IJP and age is also found significant and positive *r=.627, n=321, p¡0.00). The study hypothesis upheld by the data. Self efficacy in police department needs to be further explored for providing and maintaining quality services to Pakistani citizens.


Self Efficacy, Job performance, Lahore Police, Punjab



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July 01, 2022



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