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This study examines the asymmetric cointegration and efficiency between Pakistan and BRICS equity markets using monthly data from October 1997 to September 2018. The results reveal that the Brazilian stock market is the most efficient during the global financial crisis. Threshold and momentum threshold autoregressive models (TAR and M.TAR) confirm the presence of a long-run relationship between BRICS and Pakistan stock markets, where the speed of negative shocks is higher and significant for Pakistan Russian, Pakistan South Africa stock market pair. This infers quick adjustment of stock prices to negative shocks (bad news) as compared to positive shocks (good news). The speed of adjustment of positive shocks for Pakistan China is higher. The results of asymmetric error correction model (AECM) show results of unidirectional causality between Pakistan China and Pakistan Brazil stock market pairs, while bidirectional causality runs from Pakistan Russia, Pakistan India, and Pakistan South Africa stock market pairs. Thus the Pakistan stock market has short-run and long-run relationships with most other stock markets. Multi-fractal detrended fluctuation analysis supports long run efficiency of Brazilian markets during the global financial crisis. It suggests that investors pay keen attention to the Pakistan stock market when investing in BRICS stock market.


Asymmetric cointegration, MF-DFA, TAR and M.TAR, VECM, BRICS-Pakistan



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G11, G15, F3, F65

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August 17, 2021



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