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This paper examines the impact of equity liquidity (EQLQ) on firm performance (FPER) and firm investment (FINV) decisions. It also examines whether financial sector development (FSD) decreases the importance of EQLQ for firms' financial performance and investment policy. An unbalanced panel dataset for 360 non-financial Pakistani firms covering the period 2001-2018 is used. The results suggest that increased EQLQ has significant positive impact on firms' investment decisions and financial performance. However, we find that enhanced FSD significantly reduces the investment-favoring and performance enhancing role of EQLQ. The findings on the effects of EQLQ on both FINV and FPER are consistent with the several theoretical channels identified in literature. The evidence on the moderating role of FSD is also inline with our theoretical conjecture. The findings have several implications for investors, managers, and policymakers.


Equity liquidity, Firm performance, Firm investment, Financial development



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January 26, 2021

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