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Organizations need to transform to respond to the changes in their operating environment. Despite the awareness that change is the essence of life, humans find it rather elusive to manage it effectively. Most changes are not events but processes, and involve three-stages - Undo, Usher and Consolidate or U2C. Undo the existing order, usher in the new one and, finally, consolidate it. Proper management is required in all three stages. Our understanding of his nature leads us to conclude that a successful change demands a complex handling of environment. Temporary disconnect from the existing order will help in all three stages. It will not only aid in repealing the existing order but will also make the people pliable and ready to accept change. Simultaneously, within the system the new order is introduced together with a control group of role models, to help consolidate the change. Staying connected with external reinforcing influences during the process is bound to tamper change and cause disappointments


Adaptation, External influence



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February 15, 2021



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