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The purpose of the study is to propose a consolidated and comprehensive operational level framework of performance metrics to facilitate the supply chain integration in the service industry. Design/methodology/approach

In order to do so, we rely on a systematic review procedure to delineate and thus integrate the measures into factors. This paper draws upon prior work done on performance measure in supply chain integration.


These measures will then be assigned by incorporating industrial practice to various factors that we believe are relevant to the measure of performance in the integrated supply chain system in the service industry.

Research limitations/implications

The manuscript is a conceptual paper so there is a need to test the generalizability of the framework in the broader service industry by conducting empirical study.

Practical implications

This analysis will enable the identification of the problems that surround outcome assessment within and across single supply chains and extend existing knowledge in the end-to-end supply chain performance measurement in the service industry. Further this analysis should provide some vital insights as to how service organizations can improve their performance evaluation systems to become more effective in supply chains.


This study aims to not only identify the gaps present in the service supply chain performance measurement at the operational level but tries to fill the knowledge gap to suggest operational level performance metrics in facilitating the supply chain integration in the service industry.


Supply chain, Performance measurement, Services supply chain, Service supply chain, Conceptual framework, SCOR model, scorecard, KPI, performance measurement methods, performance metrics



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June 02, 2021



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