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achievement of the promises mentioned in mission & vision of modern companies. Most strategic minds come from the practices and experiences of corporate dimensions. Dimensions can be learned but cannot result unless experienced in the corporate world. Understanding strategic dimensions of modern age can lead modern companies. This case study will cover all important parameters of organizational productivity with special reference to the proposed strategic HRD directions that are considered as the gist of this case study. The first dimension is HRD Tier that is connecting with leadership in the organization, second is HRD transformation that is the manual workflow towards the technical flow for employees, and third one is an e-HRD phenomenon for collaboration & connectivity in the modern organizations. This case study is an attempt to propose Strategic Tiers (TM-Technology Management, HR-Human Resources & CL-Corporate Leadership), HRD Transformation (HR Processes & Developing employees) and HRD Collaboration (Electronic Phenomena). This case study will report on all important parameters that will enhance the productivity in modern companies. The purpose of the case study is to identify strategic directions through HRD initiatives as Tiers, Transformations & Collaborations in A1NCs. The purpose of this case study is to explain the proposed directions to help in achieving organizational productivity. This is mainly designed to identify Strategic directions to link HRD Tiers, HRD Transformations & HRD Collaboration for modern companies.


Strategic directions, HRD dimensions and organizational productivity



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O15, O32, O47

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June 02, 2021



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