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Human Resources Management practices and its transferability in Bangladesh. This study was conducted in the US and UK MNCs operating in Bangladesh. In this study, in-depth interview and structure questionnaire methods have been used to collect data. The objectives of this study are to investigate insightful and classified information related to human resource management (HRM) practices and their transferability for both MNCs in Bangladesh. Study found that the transferability of MNC 's HRM in South Asia, Bangladesh has a very bright and promising potential. The study has shown that the adaptability rate is very high and the host country companies are practicing HRM with successful combination of both, their host country's policies and practices as well as the home countries '. The position of HRM is broad and now open to all so the possibility of the transferability of MNC 's HRM in Bangladesh is oblivious and is setting a vibrant remark in these days. The existing paper explores the employee cultural values of UK and US multinationals companies (MNCs) and their transformation of cultural adaptation on HRM practices in developing countries like Bangladesh.


Human resource management practices, Transferability, US and UK MNCs, Bangladesh



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June 02, 2021



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