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Organizational Culture is gaining importance in the modern organization theory and research. Mangers are more emphasizing to understand the culture and climate of their organization to enhance the effectiveness and productivity of the organization. Organizational development practitioners and change management flag bearers harmoniously favoring to comprehend the culture of any organization for any kind of change or transformation. Organizational Culture Profile (OCP) provides the basic tool to analyze and figure out the type and nature of cultural stream of any organization. The OCP helps to create the cultural-profile of the organization through a survey of the employees. This study encompasses the applicability of OCP in various organizations of different sectors of Pakistan. An extensive research survey conducted in eight different sectors to collect the primary data to identify the dominant cultural aspect of these sectors. The research study is conducted in banking, insurance, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, manufacturing, textile, media and other service sectors. The analyses reveal that these sectors have their own specific dominant cultural trait and there are different dominant factors in each cultural type. Hospitals have ‘social responsibility’ as the salient characteristic, while banking and insurance have ‘performance orientation’ and ‘emphasis on reward’ as the key cultural indicators to prevail in this sector. Interestingly ‘innovation’ is found as the lowest priority in all organizational-sectors of Pakistan. The study reveals further interesting statistics and provides the insight into the organizations. This study is useful for managers, leaders and other consultants who are interested to understand the local organizational culture to transform these organizations and enhance their effectiveness. It will also provide a base to those researchers who are interested to develop a profile of their organization or any specific sector.


Organizational culture, Organizational cultural profile (OCP), Cultural dimensions



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April 07, 2021



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