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This paper covers the issue of foreign collaboration in the Indian Business Education and its implications on professionalism and development of competence among the budding managers. The issue of foreign collaboration in Indian Business Education is considerably significant issue in the light of India as an emerging economic power and business. Already there is considerable flow of foreign collaboration in Indian business education witnessed by the institutional partnership. The existing institutional partnership and the future intension of foreign players are entering in business educations have been impacting in the new professional development as well as to develop professional competence in the arena of management education in India. Impacts on the new array of professionalism and competence in the country due to foreign collaboration need a fresh re-look and assessment. This paper has three sections. Section -1 deals the historical snapshot of global alliances of business education, modes of alliances; section-II deals on the quotients analysis for spread of global alliances, and in final the section the section-III analyses perceptions of stakeholders on the global alliances.


ICT; Globalization, Alliances, Management Education, India



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April 07, 2021



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