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The most difficult area in practicing the effective training has been the establishment of practical model to enable to quantify the impact of training. No doubt, without the relevant evaluation of the Training Impact, the implementation of effective training, on which the organizational sustainability and success depend, would be totally unfeasible. Author has long been concerned with the lasting consequences of its effect. Significance of it is multiplied in the Public Sector which has even wider social ramifications. The concern was culminated when author encountered the comment made by Mr. Hamdi Al-Taba’a, Chairman of the Jordanian Business Association on January 25, 1999, i.e., “Many officials are biased in the evaluation of their subordinates due to interference of personal factors and the absence of fairness in dealings with others. The absence of institutionalization, lack of job description, and the assignment of inadequate persons in public jobs contribute to non-compliance with the ethical values of public jobs.” Which implies the grave influence on both Public Sector Reform and any Private Sector Restructuring effort. The case introduced here has been derived from the work – Training Impact Analysis Report to National Institute for Training (NIT) Jordan – done by author together with staff of the Institute (NIT) in Amman, Jordan, with the special permission of Mr. Osamah Jaradat, Director General of the Institute, and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) by which author was seconded to the Institute as a Senior Volunteer from April 2001 to January 2003. Author is specially thankful to NIT Team Members, Mr. Ziad ALLAN, Ms. Rand Al-HINDAWI, Mr. Moh’d Al-RA’OUD and Mr. Fares SABAHAT for sparing their very scarce time.


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February 19, 2021

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