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The critical definition of the concept, “the total man”, is encumbered by lot of difficulties – epistemic and pragmatic. First, a man qua man because he is a total entity, a complete homo sapein. However, the phrase “the total man” is used here in a stipulative sense to distinguish the liberally educated person from the pure specialist. Second, even in this contextual sense, the concept of the liberal-minded person is still a problematic. Is liberal-mindedness predicated on a person’s breadth of knowledge, even if in the process the person becomes the proverbial “rolling stone that gathers no mass”? Or is it a factor of a person’s critical and analytic disposition? In talking about a liberally educated person, are we solely concerned with the mind of the person, or are we also concerned with the person’s utilization of his mind’s state-of-being to relate to his external world?


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February 19, 2021

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