Master of Business Administration

Faculty / School

School of Business Studies (SBS)


Syed Akhtar Mahmud, Visiting Faculty, Department of Marketing

Project Coordinator (External)

Syed Zain Ul Islam; Hania Ahmed



Project Type

MBA Research Project

Keywords">Market, Condiments, Retail, New Normal, Retail Strategy, Market Share

Abstract / Summary

The study has been conducted in collaboration with IIT Foods Pvt. Ltd and Institute of Business Administration, Karachi (IBA). The aim of this study is to analyze the food solutions market and to find gaps in the market. The study especially emphasizes on the market penetration in the B2B Segment by Dipitt and its competitive landscape. It also aims to identify the potential opportunities in the market environment that can be tapped by Dipitt. The objective of this report is to provide IIT Foods Pvt. Ltd. with an insight into consumer preferences of the B2B Segment and provide recommendations regarding how to penetrate into the food solutions market.

Available for download on Tuesday, December 31, 2030