Master of Business Administration

Faculty / School

School of Business Studies (SBS)


Syed Akhtar Mahmud, Visiting Faculty, Department of Marketing

Committee Member 1

Mr. Akhtar Mahmud Visiting Faculty Department of Marketing Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi

Project Type

MBA Research Project

Keywords">Methanol, Diversification, Production capacity, Volume per Tonne, Renewable resources

Abstract / Summary

Methanol, a renewable resource, is the growing industrial solvent used as primary raw material in formaldehyde, paint, pharmaceutical and energy industries. The importance and usage of the methanol is increasing globally and is also used as raw material in some industries of Pakistan. To study the market volume, usage, and feasibility of setting up methanol local production in Pakistan by Mari Petroleum, an extensive qualitative research was conducted.

This research report provides a detailed analysis on methanol usage globally and in Pakistan covering insights about volume been used by different manufacturing industries, import of methanol into Pakistan, volume analysis of the containerized small imports of methanol by users directly and heavy imports by big distributors of methanol in Pakistan. The report also highlights the big players in distribution business of methanol in Pakistan, pricing factors, top customer organization, various grades of methanol usage and finally viability of setting up local production of methanol plant in Pakistan based on interviews conducted of distributers and customers.

The results were different for various businesses; some of them were hesitant in providing information and claimed it to be confidential as it was a legal matter. Whereas the others were very cooperative and provided as much information we wanted. The main idea of the study came out to be as follows:

  1. The total market size of the industry is 150K MT currently. Methanol is being completely imported with no local production at the moment.
  2. The import price is in the range of $350 - $400 / Tonne CFR.
  3. Market for methanol is expected to grow with the current growth in the construction industry but the growth rate is very slow for local production.
  4. In the current market scenario, the production for methanol is not a viable option. The demand should be a minimum of 350K MT to have any return on investment and the market selling price should be in the range of $250 - $300/ Tonne for any chance of switching from imported to local buying.

Available for download on Thursday, July 15, 2027