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MBA Executive Research Project

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Talent exists in all public sector organizations with different levels, but nourishing & utilizing it is a big challenge for the organizations which are struggling to cope up with the changing market. Talent management is a new 'concept' for the public sector organizations of Pakistan. Public sector organizations of Pakistan require efficient workforce and dedicated staff to meet their project deliverables before deadlines. It is essential that the right people should be deployed in the right project to accomplish the critical objectives successfully. Public sector organizations are using various tools to measure their productivity and labor costs in order to compare their business performance with their competitors. But when it comes to measure whether their public sector organization is investing in their employees to generate future progression, higher authorities are less Interested and subsequently finding it difficult to measure employee engagement and team performance. These critical measurements are harder to make, which is the main reason why

talent management is neglected in the public sector organizations. However, few public sector organizations only "walk the talk" on the significance of talent management without taking necessary action to turn their business strategy into reality. The skills and business intelligence people bring to the public sector organization become obsolete sooner than later. Hence, the requirement for acquiring new skill sets is not an option but a compulsion to bridge the skill gap . More importantly, developing the talented workforce within the public sector organizations is more cost effective rather than recruiting talented employees. The present study was descriptive research for the analysis of existing talent management gap in a public sector organization. For this purpose, two types of questionnaire were designed for this purpose: 01 was carried for employees and the other was carried for HR Professional/Technical experts. The data was collected with sample size of 50 for employees and 15 for HR professionals. Results shows that significant gap exists between employee performance and organizational workforce requirements of the public sector organization due to improper talent management. Therefore, All the stakeholders of the sector organizations should make decisions to incorporate talent management with the with which they make decisions about R&D, marketing, production, supply chains, or public same vigor product designing strategies. The public sector organizations of Pakistan need to be aligned Talent Management In their corporate strategy to manage the talent issues otherwise it would be difficult to create a business culture that helps in retaining and attracts the best employees that has the ability to deal with ambiguity and can lead strategic initiatives that drive change in the public sector organization. Talent management should be the top priority for the public sector employers If talent issues are to be taken seriously.



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