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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

Since its initiation in 2002, Telenor has progressed considerably throughout Pakistan. A multinational telecom of its kind, Telenor Pakistan presently deals with about 35.2 million customers countrywide. Dealing with a huge number of customers is not easy, hence, for this purpose Telenor acquires the help of multiple business partners to manage its consumers.

Telenor Pakistan currently has a mainstream sales and distribution channel which amounts to generation of approximately PKR 7 Billion revenue on a monthly basis. This leads us to question the need to initiate VAS sales channel from the contact center. The reason is simple. Usually, the contact center is an expense, and requires a cost to run. Telenor Pakistan believes that instead of considering it a cost center, it should belong to the revenue generating center and is to be considered as a viable business unit capable of generating revenue. Thus, to be considered as a revenue generating unit.

This has its advantages along with its disadvantages. Mainly, advantage being that for a very minimal cost, we will be able to sell to customers, thereby increasing the revenue and using the same revenue for creating more room for customers, thus increase overall customer services experience for the customer. However, it has a downside as well. When we talk to the customers over the call, they are usually only interested in what they called for, and are usually not at all interested in whatever else we have to say. Thus, if we force the customers in listening to what we have to say, despite the fact of him/her not wanting to listen at all, we damage the customer experience, thus leading us back to the question of why we initiated such a practice in the first place.

The reasons, pros and cons of this move will be discussed in detail throughout the report through primary and secondary research elements. The questionnaire used has been attached as an appendix and can be located through the Table of Contents. The results of the questionnaires are also discussed in detail within the report. It will lead us to understand the dynamic relationship of various elements within the call center industry.

The report also looks at the financials and helps us analyze which option is financially more feasible for the company. It is important to note here, that the outcomes of all research methods, primary and secondary lead us to one outcome, which will be presented in the conclusion section of this report.

This report will be of great help and assistance to all those who are either new to the call center industry, or wish to start their own business (sales) through an outbound channel. This will allow them to review the major reasons of initiating an outbound channel with its advantages and disadvantages.


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