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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

During the early years the concept of applying mergers and acquisitions was considered to be a part of the United States, however by the time the seventh merger occurred, the concept of mergers and acquisitions became worldwide phenomena. This thesis in part presents a reflection of the different affects that mergers and acquisitions have on businesses and the major impact that it has on the profit margins and its equity management. The problem statement thus to highlight (as stated) whether acquisitions and mergers have an impact on different operations and profits incurred within the Pakistani Banking Sector. Mergers and acquisitions have no apparent impact on the profit margins that are set. Shareholder wealth is affected by different mergers and acquisitions that are faced within the Pakistani banking sector When the process of a merger or acquisition begins a particular sought out bank is noted for the purpose. The key factor that is noted during the time of a merger or acquisition is the dimension of the bank rather than the profits that are managed or its effective business processes that are carried out. When mergers and acquisitions take place the flow of managing Human Resource tends to be the most affected. Mergers and acquisitions usually happen in large businesses such as automobiles, FMCGs, pharma and banks. When a merger and acquisition takes place it can come under two main forms of business deals. Whenever a merger or acquisition takes place it is up to the managers to justify and explain just how the merger itself occurred. Similarly, within banks when a merger or acquisition occurred, interest rates were noted to have a decline due to the work process flows applied.



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