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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

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MBA Executive Research Project

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Executive Summary

Bancassurance is simply the selling of insurance products with the joint venture of banks and insurance companies. This joint venture is helpful in shrinking the traditional global barriers of different institutions that provide financial services to the economy. In Pakistan, the progress of bancassurance is slow; however, now almost all banks offer the services of insurance products. Still, the demand of insurance products is slow as compared to the other products of banks. This study aimed to determine the relationship of miss-selling of insurance products and the profitability of banks. Moreover, the author also posits to find out that whether higher expected return and low tenure of insurance products increase the satisfaction of customers or not. Findings of the study have shown that there is a strong positive relationship that exists between the profitability of banks and miss-selling of insurance products; moreover, there is significant relationship exists between the expected rate of return and satisfaction of customers. The study has concluded that banks should develop strategies that focused on the satisfaction of customers instead of meetings the targets and exaggeration of product features.


VII, 67

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