Master of Science in Computer Science


Department of Computer Science

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Faculty of Computer Sciences (FCS)

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Dr. Quratulain Rajput, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Computer Science

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MSCS Survey Report


This paper gives a comprehensive study of the concepts involved in building chatbots and also discusses existing chatbot APIs, that can be used by software developers to implement their chatbots. A chatbot is an increasingly popular user interface that lets user interact with the services and brands using a messaging platform. A chatbot can be a text based interface or an audio based interface. In this paper we will focus on text based bots only. Chatbots are usually programmed as a digital user that helps human user in search, enquire and decision making of a product or service. They are being used in a diverse range of situations where traditionally one or more human assistants are used. The motivations behind developing ChatBot for a product or service can be to replace a human being, to enhance the user experience or to help in providing relevant information quickly and without the need of thinking and creating sophisticated queries. In traditional systems users have to search for required information using different queries or go through a predefined set of steps to reach to a conclusion or decision. This is time consuming and not a pleasant experience. Chatbots are intended to replace this boring manual task. For example when a user searches for different insurance plans and tries to find the one that is best according to his situation this is a boring task and can be confusing depending upon the situation of individual. A chatbot can help such customer by asking simple questions, showing visual action items to help us quickly navigate to the set of questions and reach a decision. Chatbots are useful not only in one on one discussion but also in situations where a team of more than two individuals is involved. Such bots are difficult to implement and still are in their 'fancy in tech world. During available give this study a sample chatbot was created using four simple questions to suggest the available flight for a journey. The code of the bot is available in appendix A.

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