Master of Science in Computer Science


Department of Computer Science

Faculty / School

Faculty of Computer Sciences (FCS)

Date of Submission



Waqas Mahmood, Visiting Faculty, Department of Computer Science

Document type

MSCS Survey Report


Due to advancement of internet in recent past years, many new technologies has emerged. The emerged of these new technologies not only have change the economy of the world, but also impacted the way we do work. The advancement of internet has created new infrastructure for networking and communications. Internet is getting faster, cheaper and accessible to the majority of masses as time is passing by. Due to introduction of wireless connectivity, now many devices can be easily connected to internet and can communicate to each other effortlessly. Large amount of data is created from these devices, which can be converted into useful information to make intelligent and efficient systems. One of the system that has been created is called Internet of Things, commonly known as "loT", which collects data from sensors and convert it into meaningful information to make effective decisions. Some of the applications of loT includes smart home, industrial internet, energy engagement and much more. This paper highlights some of the frameworks that have implemented loT and some challenges which can have negative impact in the development of loT applications. This paper also discusses storing and processing of sensor data.

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