BS (Social Sciences & Liberal Arts)

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School of Economics and Social Sciences (SESS)


Department of Social Sciences & Liberal Arts

Date of Award

Spring 2021

Date of Submission



Dr. Muhammad Bilal Munshi, Assistant Professor, Department of Social Sciences

Project Type

SSLA Culminating Experience

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Restricted Access


The importance of oil could not be downplayed in this industrial era as the whole economies are still dependent on it even though progress has been taken towards a green economy. However, a lot of progress is remaining to achieve a sustainable supply of energy until the oil and natural resources have colossal significance. So, in a world where a commodity has so much importance, the factors affecting that commodity also play an essential role, especially if those factors can significantly affect the supply of that commodity.

Therefore, this paper analyzes the Iranian and Israeli conflict and how it can trigger an oil crisis. I used the realist school of thought and its theories to analyze and used secondary resources for my research. The theories used chiefly belong to the sub-school of the realist school of thought known as classical realism.

The research found out that the hostility between Iran and Israel would eventually convert to a full-scale war which would massively affect oil price, triggering an oil crisis in the region. However, during the research after analyzing their strategic cultures, the research found that some scenarios could avoid conflicts. Suppose Iran leaves its nuclear program and removes its military presence from Syria as it threatens Israel's border security. In that case, Israel might likely ease its hostility towards Iran. However, it is doubtful it will happen because it would seem like a defeat for Iran, plus a theocratic government is not going to surrender against a Zionist state, but if these conditions are met, there is a chance that this conflict might take a turn towards peace.



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