BS (Social Sciences & Liberal Arts)

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Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)


Department of Social Sciences & Liberal Arts

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Shahana Rajani, Visiting Faculty, Department of Social Sciences

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SSLA Culminating Experience

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Restricted Access


This paper aims to examine the Walls of Peace campaign initiated by I am Karachi in 2015. It has reclaimed approximately 2700 walls so far by removing negatively charged graffiti and replacing it with positive images. This paper explores the concept of ‘peace’ in one of the most “dangerous cities in the world”, and argues that this campaign oversimplifies the notions of ‘peace’ and ‘violence’ in the context of Karachi. Furthermore, it argues that this project is seemingly an imperial venture, which is backed by foreign funding from the USAID, and the images that it portrays highlight selective narratives, which are framed as positive and peaceful, but are in fact violent and exclusionary, because of their elite and imperial nature. Lastly, this paper explores the afterlives of the walls painted under this campaign, and problematizes the reclamation of public space narrative, raising critical questions regarding who has the rights to the city and its walls.



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