Student Name

Maryam .Follow


Master of Science in Finance


Department of Finance


School of Business Studies (SBS)

Date of Submission

Fall 2023


Dr. Fawad Ahmed, Assistant Professor, Department of Finance, School of Business Studies (SBS)

Submission Type

Research Project

Document Type

Restricted Access




This study investigates the effectiveness of LSTM and GRU neural network architectures in predicting stock prices using five years of daily price data from four major public companies in Pakistan. The dataset is divided into training and testing sets, and the performance of LSTM and GRU models is compared against SVM and DT models. The findings demonstrate that LSTM and GRU models outperform SVM and DT models, yielding higher average returns and better risk-adjusted performance. Moreover, the analysis of holding period returns indicates that the LSTM and GRU models provide predictions closely aligned with the actual returns experienced by investors. Based on these results, it is recommended that investors and traders utilize LSTM and GRU models for stock price prediction, Furthermore, it is recommended that further research be conducted to explore the potential of other models, such as deep learning models, for predicting stock prices.

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