Student Name

Azfar AbbasFollow


Master of Science in Computer Science


Department of Computer Science


School of Mathematics and Computer Science (SMCS)

Date of Submission

Spring 2023


Saiyed Shahab Ahmed, Visiting Faculty, Department of Computer Science


Developing a microservice to facilitate the last mile operations of E-Commerce by generating optimal routes for deliveries to customers.

There are thousands of orders daily which are delivered to the customers with the fleet of trucks from the warehouses. The drivers have to deliver all of the assigned orders in daylight, so they need an optimal route which could save time and fuel. This is a real problem being faced in Bazaar Technologies, which is digitizing the retail industry of Pakistan.

Currently there are third party service providers who do this, but there are issues like cost, privacy and optimisation according to the company needs. So, in this project I will develop a solution by using open-source technologies and algorithms to solve this problem. It will be a standalone microservice which could be easily integrated.

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Restricted Access

Submission Type

Research Project


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