Student Name

Urooba JavedFollow


Master of Science in Computer Science


Department of Computer Science


School of Mathematics and Computer Science (SMCS)

Date of Submission

Fall 2022


Faraz Zaidi, Visiting Faculty, Department of Computer Science

Committee Member 1

Dr. Tariq Mahmood, Program Coordinator MS (CS) and MS (DS), Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi


The national and international economic developments heavily rely on the connections of Multinational Companies (MNCs) among the cities. The connections are based on numerous factors but usually trading and owner subsidiaries are put forward as the important factors to build a connection among the cities. In this research, we are only considering owner subsidiaries as a factor to connect the cities. By analyzing these connections or networks we can uncover many hidden stories, trends, and patterns regarding the economic development of the cities nationally or internationally. The analysis of the given network is based on the hierarchical structure that provides us with interesting insights and trends which will help us not only observe the development of an individual city but also focus on the affiliation among the cities.

In this research, we are determining the top cities around the world based on second-degree standard deviation while considering a network of cities from the years 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019 to understand the changes in the economic development of cities and the affiliation among the cities. We are considering the weighted degree of each city as the key measure to understanding the importance of a city and its affiliation with other cities. Also, we rank the cities in the hierarchy based on the given measure to find out the standard deviation, and according to that we place them on their importance in the world. This research will not only carry forward the latest findings but also depict the growth or decline of the cities over time.

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